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Services for residential market

Fyfe Tyfo® advanced composite system can be used to strengthen existing beams, columns, slabs, structural connections and walls. Installed by certified applicators, these systems offer solutions for seismic retrofitting, corrosion strengthening, change of use or even the correction of an existing defect due to a construction or design error.

The building-strengthening applications have been implemented in hospitals, government structures, churches, schools, parking structures, office buildings, homes and many other structures. These buildings have been both occupied and unoccupied at the time of retrofit.

We provide solutions for:

  • Strengthening of beam, column, slab, and wall with FRP

  • Structural connection improvements with FRP

Past Projects:

  • Residence on Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA

  • Residence on Malibu Rd, Malibu, CA

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